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Hello Friends! What’s up?
Welcome to www.bdinfo99.com. I am M.K. Alam a professional web developer, Keyword & SEO Specialist, Project Manager. I live at Agrabad  in Chittagong with my family. I have 3+ years of general experience in the web-development sector. I can develop a simple web site or complex web application for you with or without help of Graphic designers and UX/front-end developers. Mainly I am focused on back-end programming but ready to manage the whole application building process when needed. I have created this site with hobby.

In this site a visitor will get online based various information. The information that will be available in the bdinfo99.com is the latest Job Circular, Education News, Marketing News, Best Products Reviews, health Tips, Make Money Online Tips, Valuable Advice, Appointment Test Results, Different School-College-University Admission Test Results, Admission Test Questions with Solutions, School-college-university Academic Results, Online base best products review, Science and Technology related information, Recent Bengali-Hindi-Tamil- English movie trailers, Favorites video songs, Recreational content etc. Some of the skilled developers are involved in the development, expansion and promotion of this site. I have created this site with long-term plans. Hopefully, this site will soon be able to get more visitors with the help of promotion and reach the edge of success. Our main goal is not to gain profit, but with the information of the visitors, their welfare and services. The service is our religion. Those who are engaged in the development of this site, they are engaged in online work for a long time. We promise that no harmful content will be provided on the site. We keep Visitors continuously evaluate our work with our well-thought-out opinions and encourage us. Thanks to everyone. I wish everyone’s good health.
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