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Privacy Policy

Every website has specific rules and privacy policies our site is no exception. We will not provide any information on our site which is damaged or insulted to a nation or a person or organization or political parties. The information and data provided on this site may not be 100% true. Based on this information, you will decide whether to decide or do any work, it is your personal matter. YouTube video that is displayed on this site is not made by our site authority. Therefore, YouTube site owners or YouTube channel will be responsible for any incompatible information on the video content; in this case our site authorities will not be liable in any way. We request visitors that do not comment or opinion on this site that will offend any other person or group.

Privacy Policies:
bdinfo99.com’s Privacy Policy is briefly presented below.
Visitors’ Privacy Policy is very important on the https://bdinfo99.com site. We will not sell that information to any third person or organization in the form of personal information we collect here by registrations such that email address & other personal information.

We will use third-party advertising on our site to financially support our site. These advertisers may use some cookies and web beacons technology. Such as Google Adsense advertising this is an attractive advertiser organization. The advertising companies will see your site by visiting your IP address, your ISP, browser which you use. They take all these information only geographically for your location so that they can display area-based advertising which you would like to see. When we visit a web site then we see various our local advertisement that are given geographically which known to all.

Double Click DART cookie:
When our site will approve by Google Adsense for ads showing then the network can use Double Click DART cookie. Double click dart cookie is a process by which Google is simply a process of estimating whether you are double or more than double click on an ads. By which you can display your favorite ads on the site.

There are register options for visitors in this site. We will not sell the information to a third party that we collect through registration. However, there will be some policies regarding those who register. Post will be reviewed by our site authority that will submit by register contributor. Scam contents will be deleted. Adult contents will be deleted with no delay by the site authority without any notice.
If you have any questions or opinion about our Privacy Policies, please contact us via the below email.
Privacy Policy Last Updated: 10-02-2018